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    Test Server

    L2 eXoplanet High Five Server x15 FEATURES EXP x15 SP x15 Adena x10 Drop x7 Spoil x7 Epa x5 RateRaidBoss x5 DropEpolets x5 QuestsDrop x5 QuestsRewardSp x5 QuestsRewardExp x5 Olympiad safe: +6 RateHellboundConfidence 10. MaxDiffLevelInParty = 30 RateManor = 1 Votereward 10-20FA + Lolypop...
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    Turn Undead

    Hello, undead lethal work well when you enchant this skill +++ . Best regards, GM Apophis
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    Hello, we prepare new server for this summer or fall :) Best regards, GM Apophis
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    Server Update

    Update 2.1.2020 SoA spoil fixed MoS spoil fixed Baylord Instance zone fixed Incerest Champion lvl up to 80lvl Christmas Vote Reward End Add new uniforms FA shop update Min. Clan lvl 8 Update 19.12.2019 GM shop Update FA Shop Update Donate Shop update Enchant Chance decrease to 63% Normal /...
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    Lucky Pig

    Upgrade 11.4.2020 Lucky Pig Chance and drop: Character lvl 80+ = 15 % chance (Neolithic Crystal S / Attribute Crystals) Character lvl 70+ = 30 % chance (Neolithic Crystal A / SC11 ) Character lvl 52+ = 75 % chance (Neolithic Crystal B / Top Life stone)
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    Ahoj, otestujeme, a případně opravíme. S pozdravem, Apophis
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    Castle Siege

    Hello, first CS are at 5.1.2020.
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    Hello, maximum enchant are +16.
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    21:00 +1 GMT
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    serv off

    Hello, we was under Ddoss atack, we eleminated this atack and server are online :)
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    Lvl difference pre exp

    Hello, Exp lvl difference are 30lvl.
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    Hello, we will fix spoil pcs tonight :) Best regards, Apophis
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    Event Winners 1. lola 2. KathySmethy 3. Poziomeczka 4. Stormik 5.Gummybear 6. azaZel 7. Zlo 8. AdjEgyNyalast 9. ClabbEr 10. Shady 11. Axazell 12. Lolovinka 13. Darek 14. NAbiaROV 15. mojfarmer 16. Benitoz 17. krwawyb0b 18. Leric 19.waden 20. zho 21.YoTeDoY 22.IAmCrazy 23. MenDo 24. Archandel...
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    Grand Opening

    Dear Players, we would like invite you to Exoplanet Server. Server will be open tonight at 21:00 GMT +1. Opening Info and Instructions Download New System .rar!8MM1mKhA!zfjZjxpXSJNwzvhMxy-qF3Yq4kqvXR_ICB6ZBw6N5j8 .zip...
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    Few Suggestions

    Hello, thank you for your feedback. 1. What abaut server rates, we already decided EXP x30, Spoil x10, Drop x10, SP x15, Adena x15. Lot of players dont have time to spend on exping characters, because much players are older 30+ years and they have family , job, etc ... We also planed open low...
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    1 DONATION CION = 1 € Donation its not automatic, please leave your Nickname in commentary. Donation coins will be sended basicly in 2 hours, maximum 8 hours. for faster transaction PM us on Facebook.
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    RULES General By playing on our server the player agrees with all of the here mentioned rules. The player also agrees he will comply with them. Even an attempted breach of the rules is considered like a breach of the rules! An interpretation of the rules is only in the authority of Admin and...
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    Beta test

    Dear players, we would like invite you to beta test L2 eXoplanet server x30. BETA TEST is open from 29.11.2019 Download System .rar!0A8xiSiD!ke_pYWBDvCmn_wLPgEDVedt9MxkfwPj_vbYg2lkNyHU .zip!sVtz3AKY!6PB-eO3WHVcjlywwczxat9ozjj9fuD-9b_bxpOBNPXc !!! Dont...
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    FACEBOOK EVENT Rules: Share post from Facebook group to your profile ! Like and follow our Facebook group Leave your In-Game Nickname under post ! Only public share is valid, so we could check it ! You must...
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    Command list

    COMMANDS .getreward .epic .cfg .buffstore .whoaim .repair .offline .lock .password .hellbound .time .divorce .engage .gotolove .debug .lock .unlock .lockIp .lockHwid .unlockI .unlockHwid .siege .combinetalismans CTRL + Attribute Stone = Fast Attribute