Landfill Geotextile suppliers

Geosynthetics provide critical properties desired for effective landfill engineering solutions utilizing geotextiles.
Durability and puncture resistance to withstand installation damage and service life pressures.
High initial modulus and optimum elongation to prevent membrane damage from point loads during service life settlement.
Chemical resistance when in contact with leachate during sustained periods.
UV resistance during exposure prior to waste coverage.
Mass/UnitASTM D-52618.8 oz/yd²298 g/m²
Wide Width Tensile Strength (MD x CD)ASTM D-4595200 x 275 Ibs/in35 x 48.2 kN/m
Grab Tensile Strength (MD x CD)ASTM D-4632375 x 375 Ibs1669 x 1669 N
Grab Tensile ElongationASTM D-463215 x 8 %15 x 8 %
Trapezoidal TearASTM D-4533120 x 120 Ibs534 x 534 N
CBR PunctureASTM D-62411200 Ibs5340 N
Apparent Opening Size(AOS)ASTM D-475150 US Std.Sieve0.3 mm
PermittivityASTM D-44910.2 sec-10.2 sec-1
Water Flow RateASTM D-449115 gal/min/ft²611 L/min/m²
UV Resistance (% retained after 500 hours)ASTM D-435570%70%Landfill Geotextile suppliers